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You've reached the website of the University of Denver Club Women's Ultimate Team. Our team name is "Hype" and reflects the mentality of our team toward ultimate and toward life in general. The team name came about during the 2016 South Central Regional Championships, when the team sporadically started rushing the field and cheering "hype hype" after each point - both the name and cheer quickly stuck. We welcome players of all levels of skill and experience to join our team! We'll get you involved and help you develop your skills, even if you've never played ultimate before. A majority of our players started playing ultimate after coming to college and have quickly become core contributors to our success. Get in contact with us to hear more details.


As a team, we travel to tournaments during the USA Ultimate college regular season between January and April each year. During the regular season, each point of each game eventually determines our final ranking heading into the Rocky Mountain Conference Championships in April. From the Conference Championships, the top few teams from our conference move on to the South Central Regional Championships to compete with teams from Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and of course Colorado. Finally, pending Regional results, the top 20 teams across the country meet in the National Championships to cap off the season in May.


In addition to taking competition seriously, Hype is a tight-knit group who just love being together. In fact, playing for the women's ultimate team at DU has been described by our graduates as the most worthwhile commitment in their college careers. The teammates you meet here become your closest friends and offer a great social outlet for students navigating college life. We often host social gatherings, partake in fundraising events, and cheer on other club sports on the weekends. Every season, we go to work building team chemistry both on and off the field. Come check out club women's ultimate at DU!


Look at our scheduled tournaments!

  • February 2018

    Dust Bowl

    3rd Place!
    11 - 1 Kansas B
    7 - 5 Nebraska
    7 - 4 Missouri S&T
    8 - 1 Oklahoma
    13 - 4 St. Louis
    8 - 11 Kansas
    9 - 7 Arkansas

  • March 2018

    Air Force Invite

    2nd Place!
    10 - 3 Clara Brown
    7 - 11 Brigham Young
    7 - 6 Colorado B
    9 - 10 Air Force
    11 - 1 CO School of Mines
    4 - 9 Colorado College

  • April 2018

    Illinois Invite 7

    1st Place!
    9 - 5 Nebraska
    6 - 5 Truman State
    8 - 7 Illinois
    7 - 5 Michigan B
    9 - 8 Valparaiso
    13 - 0 Knox
    8 - 2 Truman State
    8 - 7 Illinois

  • April 2018

    Rocky Mountain Conference Championships

  • 17W - 4L


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Our Amazing Team

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Hype Officers

Club Officers

Conrad Hougen

Head Coach

Kendrick Hougen

Assistant Coach

Maddie Gelinas

Assistant Coach

Each year we welcome players with all ranges of ultimate experience into our program. With our dedicated coaching staff, new players are able to pick up the sport quickly and are often able to contribute to the competitive team within a year or two of learning the sport. We place a strong emphasis on commitment and development over initial talent.